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Taurus Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 9th September by Magic Horoscope

Daily Prediction for Sunday
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The week for native Taureans can come to a close through intense conversations with someone who makes your heart ring in bliss.

Someone with whom you share hobbies, who could be your type physically, and with whom you've had friendly chats for quite a while.

Is it possible that you already started seeing that person under a different light? And perhaps you may be feeling a sense of reciprocity on the feelings they awaken?

You have to make sure you give love to someone in your family, someone close whose humour and desire to live aren't at their best.

And just by looking into the situation for a little bit, you'll be quite aware of who it is. How about trying to make their life a bit easier today by opening up your heart and being more affectionate?


Careful with the Moon if you're native Taureans! This star with a generally delicate impact on finances will be a strong influence this Sunday.

The ideal situation here would be for you to be more cautious than usual and to try and save money to stash it away for a while, or at least not spend more than you should.

And why might it be better to avoid unnecessary spending? Because if you keep piling up on the expenses and whims, your next end of the month could be tougher than usual.

At work, you'll feel like your business isn't taking off, and you'll be experiencing some difficulties to avoid being dragged down by defeat.

So don't think twice and go out for some fresh air so that nothing breaks the drive you have within.


Unfortunately, Uranus will play with the bull this Sunday, and you may fall victim to the bad influences of this planet in different areas of life.

On the one hand, be very careful with what you eat and how clean foods actually are, to avoid poisoning; you should be especially thorough when cleaning vegetables, and you should cook meat and fish properly.

On the other, slow down on your walk of life, and don't go around all day with your tongue hanging out to avoid falling down in exhaustion. Step on the breaks!