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Although Christmas carols are beginning to be heard all around you, you won't exactly have silent and holy nights.

Your life will turn upside down, and this will be even worse because it is Christmas, but the situation will solve thanks to the purest and most beautiful love.

You are willing to value the people who are close to you, give them your love and affection and also have it back. You will realize how your partner and friends will be there, offering you their hand to hold on.

Despite this, the stars also foresee a crisis for some natives (not all of them), especially because your remorse will lead you to confess some things you didn't do too well in the past.

However, and this affects all the natives of the bull, no matter if they are single, married or in a relationship: you want to be happy and you are willing to fight to achieve it.


Have you ever thought that expensive items are always better?

It is time for you to stop thinking like that, Taurus, for your own experience during this December week will force you to think otherwise.

Don't let yourself be seduced by the most expensive things that you see, or you may end up regretting later on.

On the other hand, you will learn to relativize those problems that have been worrying you related to your economy, and there will be much more peace of mind in your finances.

You will have to be a little more sensible and assume a life according to your resources, not above them.


Concerning your mental health, anxiety can be your worst enemy. Some people suffer from this condition but not many want to talk about it, as if it were a social stigma that they have to carry and hush.

In order to fight against it, look for natural remedies, especially herbal teas like for example lime blossom.

In the case that you are sick from any other illnesses, you will see an improvement, but avoid believing that now you are 100% recovered and that you can continue with your life as if nothing happened.

Actually, if you have too many duties that you can't avoid, maybe your health has worse consequences than you expected.

Finally, practice active listening, and you will get to understand the world better.