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Be honest, Taurus. Have you been feeling that your passion levels are low and that your sex drive is not at its best right now?

That is now history! This week your sensuality will charge. Today you want to let all that is inside your heart out.

However, there will be times when your head will be lost in the clouds, and in which you won't pay attention to your partner's needs. You might even lie to them when it is not necessary at all!

Those who are single, listen to the stars' advice. Don't let yourself go by some ephemeral romances that are currently taking place in your life.

It is better for you to act slowly and premeditating. A house can't be built in a single day.


The compass that rules your economy and your work can't mark the north anymore.

Or is it your life that is taking a new direction?

The Magic Horoscope supports the last option. This week you will break the chains of laziness and will dare to open new doors.

Also, you will manage to adapt to the changes that will be going on. Before Sunday night, you will realize that there is something in your life that you didn't know.

Don't tell much about the new projects that are in your mind to people who you know that can't be trusted and to whom you want to give a chance.

The only thing they will do is to let you down. Also, they will prevent you to accomplish your ideas and, therefore, to achieve your goals.

Fight apathy when it comes to making important expenses. Learn to compare, no matter if it is your home insurance or the new tv you want.


Your critical thinking is emphasized today because of the stars influence. Your health will be the center of your life today.

Some people will find it surprising how much you care about your health and your wellbeing, and that is something really good.

You will spread your dynamism and your energy wherever you go. Also, you will be able to appreciate the love that the people around you give you, which you don't usually see.

As a special recommendation, be careful with your vision. Don't force your eyes and be careful with the intensity of lights at work.