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Your insecurities will attack you this week, Taurus, and that will be a problem for you. Especially if you ask for the wrong people's advice.

You may feel confused at work, but don't worry if you can't find the north by yourself.

What the stars want to tell you is that the decisions that you take in the following days have to be only yours.

Don't do anything to be liked by others, not even by your partner. Take the helm of your life and go wherever you want.

You feel like you want to fly, take off and go far away and see what the world is offering you from another perspective.

As far as your family is concerned, try to be a little bit more communicative. Some people need to talk with someone every once in a while, so take the time they deserve.


You are avoiding paying back some debts that you are totally aware of. It is now time to solve this situation before it gets worse.

As far as your work and economy are concerned, try to visualize them in the long run.

Don't make an extra effort to achieve results right now, but try to make your best to build a stairway that slowly gets you to set your goals.

Dare to take the plunge. You never know when you will be offered a project that will require giving fast solutions to complicated problems. However, the stars are by your side in this sense.

The secret to saving money in your daily shopping is to analyze your real needs. A grocery list can also help but always remember the previous step.

Eliminate the superfluous things and you will see how it is not as expensive as you expected.


Your body is asking for vitamin E, so this week try to include nuts into your diet. However, try not to eat too many of them, because their calorie content is very high.

Your reproductive system is influenced by the stars this week, so it is the right time for you to carry out fertility treatments, freeze your eggs or sperm or whatever you consider necessary to expand your family.

Also, the Magic Horoscope recommends that you visit your primary care doctor to check that everything is fine. If there is something that is not working the way it should get down to work to improve your health.