Taurus Weekly Prediction for 5-11 November

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week you will have a very liberal and adventurous point of view. Distance is not a problem for you when it comes to love.

When it comes to communicating feelings, your heart doesn't understand miles or kilometers. Only love is important.

If you aren't careful enough, your willing to do new things could lead you to have some problems in the future. Always act with moderation.

If you are understated, your week will be calm, and you won't have anything to fear. However, if everything is working out well, you don't necessarily have to be bored all day.

In the case that you have ever cheated, the urge to do it again will slip out of your head through the back door, and you'll want to reward your partner for what you've done.

Are you single? Consider signing up now for the language school, because someone from abroad will get more than one naughty smile out of you.


Your enterprising sphere must bloom, so fertilize it intensely because it is a flower that is about to blossom.

Also, the stars favor cooperation to achieve a more fruitful and long-lived success, something that will last over time.

A great commercial vision will help you make money, especially to those natives of the bull who are related to direct sales and commission.

However, remember always to have a realistic ambition and goals.

Your bank accounts are doing fine, so you can't complain. However, they can always do better.

By now, the Magic Horoscope doesn't foresee any promotion or salary raise.


This is a week for health improvements, especially for those Taurus who have had surgery in their arms or legs.

Don't forget to exercise your mind apart from your muscles, Taurus. Try to read more, do activities that train your mind and that help your memory.

Most of the bulls will have a sad mood. However, the stars invite you to spend some time in front of the mirror every morning remembering the beautiful things that you have in your life.

This is a simple way of improving your mood and of being happier, feeling grateful for what you have and to overcome every day with energy.