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Your mind is very clear this week, Taurus. Try to maintain it like that, for you don't want to be sad and miss all the beautiful things that life is offering you.

This is your best weapon to fight against adversities that you will have to face. This week won't be easy for you.

You will find out that there are certain people that want to do your harm. To do it, they will pretend. Don't believe their kindness and nice words, these are not their real intentions for you. Fairytales don't happen in real life.

Those who are in a relationship should consider organizing a romantic, quiet date for you both. No excuses allowed.

If you are single, your eyes will shine when you get that sincere hug that you wanted so bad. You are entering a phase in which sex is secondary for you.


Meditate your decisions, Taurus. There is someone with influence and power watching you, and that could be very beneficial if you play your cards well.

Work on your non-verbal communicative skills, for example, your smile. Also, the power of your look is what helps you show your professionality and confidence.

Control your consumism impulses. You will have a tendency for wanting expensive items so that you can brag having a good quality of life.

And don't waste your money on gambling, for the stars point out that this aspect of your life is not receiving positive influences.


Have you ever seen a western in which a charlatan tried to scam an entire town by selling a miraculous remedy?

That kind of people still exist, Taurus. Stop believing that there are products that, with a couple of drinks or pills, will eliminate all your pain and will improve your health.

To improve your well-being, you have to get down to work. Practicing soft exercise and having a balanced diet are good ways to start. These changes take their time, so be patient.

And if you go to the dark side, eating foods that are fatty and full of calories, or opt for a sedentary lifestyle, don't blame the people who proposed those plans.

You are the only person who can and must look after your own well-being.