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Your sky is a bit messy and there will be arguments going on, but the stars recommend that you take it easy.

Don't let yourself go by nerves. You could end up regretting later and destroying things that you won't be able to rebuild afterward.

When October ends, those natives of Taurus who are single will feel like flirting, seducing and playing the field.

Some of your loved ones are going through a rough time, but you can't figure out who is in trouble.

Why don't you just make an effort to smile and spread joy so that whoever is sad feels better? You can surely do it, and it will be easier to do than you thought it would be.

When the weekend comes, you will have to figure out a way of breaking with routine.


At work you are on the train that is taking you to success. If you have more duties now than before, it is because people think that you are capable of doing it.

Yes, self-trust is fantastic, but you can still find some mistakes that you made in some accounts or legal papers. However, you can manage to fix it on time. Nobody is perfect.

You will be tempted by consumerism, so you better start planning how you are going to let yourself out of the situation in which you put yourself in in the first place.

You should pay attention to those little day-by-day expenses, and try to cut them out forever.


The Magic Horoscope has nothing to say about your health for this week.

However, sometimes you will feel like you have to carry the world upon your shoulders as if you were some kind of god, and you will especially care too much about people's health.

There will be days in which you will have plenty of energy, and you will feel strong. You could use that energy in doing some sport. Why don't you try some new kind of exercise?

If you want to look better, take good care of your skin and hydrate it more. Look for information on which products will work better on you according to the kind of skin you have.