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Taurus Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Is your relationship in crisis? Then the stars foresee a rough week, especially at the beginning. Some hidden cards may change the game.

A simple conversation won't be enough to solve this situation, even though communication is very important.

If you are single, your passion will be wild, and you will have a tendency for excessive spicy circumstances. However, the stars don't foresee any intentions for steadiness.

It is important to have your mind clear about what direction you want to take in your life.

Your uncontrolled seduction power may cause a heart to break.


You need to learn to differentiate between your personal life and work. Your coworkers don't necessarily have to be your friends. You shouldn't mix both concepts.

You have to be aware of danger so that your reputation remains undamaged by evil opinions. However, your wisdom will lead you to the right path.

Remember that your professional circumstances can suddenly change, but it doesn't mean that the change has to be bad.

When the weekend arrives, pay attention to the signals that will help you not to waste money.


Your body needs new experiences, so it's time to try things that you haven't done before. For example, extreme sports.

Your optimism won't be at its highest level. But now that you know it, try to work on it. Deep down you know that not everything is so bad.

It wouldn't hurt to take more care of yourself, you know? And pay special attention to your body odor.

Baths with candles and scented salts are perfect to relieve stress. Just so you know, Taurus.