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The Taurus prediction for the month of August

Your Taurus predictions for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: A positive assessment of today

Native Taureans will experience a positive climate in their relationships this August, and you'll get permission to improvise in order to enjoy to the fullest a passion that's burning brightly.

In fact, there'll be times when you assess everything that's happened and realise you've got nothing you could need from other romantic times in your life.

At some point you might want to find shelter within yourselves with a bit of an unhealthy self-hate flair; in that case, ask your partner for help so that you can be at peace with the universe.

If you need to make a decision or be the mediator in a family argument, your partner will give you the best advice.

Have you experienced heartbreak? This month, you get the chance for revenge and to bite back from the painful arrow you've taken to the heart.

Taureans don't play games.

Money: Ambition in moderation

The first readings from Taureans' skies for August is a trend to spend too much in areas such as culture or leisure.

You'll become involved in a cycle where market mess, too many goods and comfort will be at the core of your financial concerns.

In order to achieve success and riches at work, you need to be moderate with your ambition, and to enjoy the luck that the universe brings you at certain points of the month.

Are you looking for a job, or perhaps you want to change jobs? You need to work extra hard to make your CV get to the right hands.

In the same way, it's time to rearrange certain agreements with your partners or managers so that everything is all-around interesting for both parties involved.

Health: Don't exaggerate your issues

The Magic Horoscope says that this month you'll tend to complain about your health issues. You should know this is counterproductive, especially so because you're prone to exaggeration.

You need to take extra special care of your feet, so that corns, hangnails and other issues don't give you too much trouble; and use comfy shoes rather than fashionable ones.

You may have just gotten through a rough time in many ways, and your nervous system will bear the brunt of it for a few days; you could even undergo some visible long-term effects.

Still, you should know that your optimism will allow you to perfectly adapt to any adversity in life, because you'll prove to be quite versatile and adaptable.

There'll be days when your mood is low, but you'll manage to get surrounded by your loved ones to rise like a phoenix.

However, be careful about your subjective opinions, because you may see things under the wrong light in your family.