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The Friday January 19th Taurus Horoscope

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Do not get obsessed with medicines to decrease your lust. It may help you to re-enact these situations which make sparks jump between you and your couple. Also get ready for privacy and create a comfortable atmosphere to the encounter to be perfect. 

Recurring to passion and carnal desire is, in most of the cases, the perfect solution to the problems which routine may create. Single Taurus may get frustrated not to have a person next to them, reason why they will be more irritable along the day. 



The fact of being the leader of the group is somewhat temporary. Taurus are, in general, good leading persons and standing up in front a big challenges is not complicated for them. This is a very recurring personality aspect within Taurus. 

These days you will need to make use of control although it may seem impossible for such a calm person as you. Believe in yourself and do not get obsessed with this situation which seems endless. It will work out well in the end. 



Whenever you are making us of stoves or anything which implies fire you should watch out, especially in the kitchen if you prepare hand-made food. In case you cannot handle with it, bearing in mind that natural remedies are effective is really important. 

Apply cold water on your burns or put them under water. A wet cloth on the burnt parts is also a good remedy to cut down on the heat. If you find or buy some aloe vera, place some in order to cure your affected skin. But if you do so, you should do it after having applied cold water or vinegar. Vinegar is really useful since it contains loads of painkiller properties. 


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