Taurus MONTHLY Horoscope

20 Apr - 20 May

Taurus monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

Love: Stop sabotaging your romantic opportunities

Your feelings are quite crazy, Taurus, and this month of January you’ll go from wanting to be as close to someone as possible to wanting the as far away from you as possible (because their personality irritates you).

It’s not the best moment for your heart, you know this full well; perhaps you should deconstruct yourself a little to then re-emerge from the ashes like a mythical phoenix. In this sense, it’s not the craziest idea to rekindle a past relationship and see how things go this time around.

If you're single, you tend to put yourself down, your self-esteem is damaged and you have to work hard to rebuild it. You need to stop self-sabotaging, forgive yourself a little.

That aside, in your family are the stars indicate there will be a pregnancy around you. Could it be that you’ll be the one who becomes a parent in a few months?

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Money: Clarify your accounts, soon

Are you in business with someone else, perhaps even your romantic partner? Two isn’t a great number in business this month, Taurus. Go over your accounts carefully, because there’s some numbers that you're missing, which are the result of poor management.

If need be, conduct and audit, and demand accountability. Once you sort out that leak, you’ll see your finances improve immediately.

At home you’ll discover new ways of saving; sometimes buying cheap products is as important as putting aside that extra money you’ve saved.

2020 starts with a great interest for those who work in the crafts, there’s some extra money coming your way.

Health: Understand that life is a gift

You’ll question everything that happens, your head is being constantly tormented by a feeling of anguish and you need to put your feet on the ground and be more objective.

A little word of advice: Don’t seek answers to questions that don't exist. Life is a gift, not a chore. You need to try and find the silver lining in everything that happens.

Some backaches might appear, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down. Try to fix your posture or swap your chair for an ergonomic one.