Magic Horoscope December   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Avoid exaggerating emotions and feelings

Watch out, because this December feelings could be an exaggeration of any emotion running high through your skin.

Your partner could feel a little shy and even outshone with your dramatic position, but if you're single, you might find someone as alive as you.

Quietness may visit you once in a while, Taureans, and during those quiet moments, your passion will be down on your soles, although you shouldn't worry too much about it.

Try making an effort when communicating with your loved ones, and try to avoid your sense of humour from clashing with the humour around you, because your jokes and pranks could be misread.

Otherwise, enjoy the month because Christmas is here, and everything's all set to welcome a definitely great 2019!

Money: Plan your money-saving for 2019

Your most competitive side will come out in the next few weeks, and you might even have to challenge some of your colleagues to avoid being stepped over.

Since you'll be in the midst of Christmas celebration before you know it, try to be a little far-sighted with all the upcoming presents and commitments.

You can even start adding up your numbers for 2019, and analysing how to save money to get those much deserved holidays you want so bad.

Setting your fate clear from the beginning will definitely make saving money easier.

Health: Ready to kill laziness off?

This month you need to pull out your mental guns to attack that foul, sticky laziness once and for all.

That neglect when doing things which many believe is a sin weighs down and breaks your health, because you're leading an inactive life because of it.

Besides, it'd be perfect if you started waking up a little earlier every day so that your day becomes more profitable and your metabolism gets going.

This will be possible on the first 10 days of the month or so, because Jupiter will boost your willpower, so don't you dare go clueless.

Finally, you should consider that there'll be days you're perfectly fit and agile, although you could also feel nervous and concerned, and eventually more tired.