Magic Horoscope November   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Numb your bossy side

This month comes in full of self-confidence for you, Taureans, which is wonderful, as long as you believe that everything in the garden is rosy.

When it comes to love you think you're the sole bearer of the truth, and that your partner will submit to all your desires and concerns.

In this sense, the stars encourage you to numb your bossy side, because you might think you're the greatest snake charmer of all, but in the end, your servant may rebel, bite you and inject all their poison into your skin.

Especially more so if you try to use emotional blackmail to get your way, which is absolutely not right and never brings any good around.

If you're single Taureans, you're about to deal with an intense month with stories that could turn out to be quite amusing.

However, in order for love to settle down there's still lots of work to do; it won't blossom out of the blue.

Money: The embodiment of tremendous agility

This November you'll be as sly as a fox! The Magic Horoscope will boost your sharpness at managing your finances.

Besides, you'll learn that, when it comes to doing business, revenge isn't always the best dish you can serve, not by a long shot: forgiving the traitor could even hurt them even more.

You should keep in mind that there'll be scabs around you, but your inner radar will help you to find them out and cut their wings off.

For our Taurean job hunters or those who want to go for a swap, you'll find a good chance, but don't relax too much or think you're protected from the outside.

You'll have to fight hard to stay, but all your efforts will be worth the fight.

And learn to listen, because advice is valuable and it shouldn't be seen as an attack.

When handling serious affairs there might be mistakes that work in your favour, but it's best for you to be honest and say that there's been unusual statements that should be double-checked.

Health: A slightly swollen month

This November, try to include in your diet foods that help fight back swelling.

Your body will be just short of working halfway, so you'll need the help of allies such as oily fish, garlic or pineapple.

By the way, you'll prove your worth when helping your loved ones with their mental health.

You'll send them your good humour, and with your encouragement and support, you'll help out those who are having a hard time.

Also, at night, aside from going to bed at a decent time (watch those schedules!) take care of your skin and cleanse it with tonic, which will improve its look and will help you fight aging processes.