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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Taurus predictions for October 2018
October Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Knowing the truth won't hurt

We start your monthly review by focusing on love, Taureans, which can tumble from the very beginning. You'll start to hear some rumours and gossip.

Instead of looking in another direction, you might want to ask around to know what's true, and if everything's false, who tried to hurt you with that information.

Singles will start to get excited about a story that isn't necessarily new; maybe someone who used to have an extra role in your heart will become a star.

No matter what your love situation and circumstances are, think thoroughly about all the steps you're taking, whether they are part of your plan to strengthen the bonds of a relationship, finish off a story once and for all, or even to set new rules into your relationship.

It won't be okay if you think one way today, and as soon as your decision comes into fruition, you decide to go back. That's where real trouble might arise.

Money: A lack of focus is coming

It'll be hard for you to find your way this October regarding your finances, Taureans. You'll be sort of clueless and absent-minded, you'll be out of focus, and you might have to pay a high price for that, whether we're talking about your personal or family finances, or perhaps at work itself.

You should learn that ideas can be highly valuable if introduced appropriately, and reaching good results isn't always closely linked to a certain budget.

That's why you'll punctually and excessively feel like you're cheap, because you won't know if you're on firm ground or sinking sands.

If you need to carry out mortgage or raise negotiations, you're better off carrying them out from the third week onwards, because the stars predict you'll have better chances to get what you want.

Health: Boost up your mood

Your mood won't be too strong, and some family issues will make you unstable (you'll be able to do little to nothing to make them turn around).

And when you feel that you need your mind to fly away and relax, find some time to go on walks alone under the sunlight, so that our main star guides you in the right direction.

Sweep away the people who want to make choices on your behalf about your life, listen to your own intuition, and no matter how much advice you get on how to handle your health, do things according to your own criteria.

As far as nutrition is concerned, try to include more vitamin C into your diet, which you'll find in well-known fruits such as oranges, grapefruits or tangerines.

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