The Taurus prediction for the month of September

Your Taurus predictions for September 2018
September Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: The search for pleasure

Your month will begin with great knowledge of your romantic instincts, and you'll be ready to put pleasure at the top of your priority list.

With a little bit of help from your skills, you'll even manage to know parts of yourselves you didn't know you had regarding passion and unruliness.

If you're at a relationship that hasn't yet set in (because there's no time available), the Magic Horoscope will make everything ready for you to take a step further with courage and strength, calling success your way.

If there's no names engraved in your heart, a Venusian influence may lead you to see someone who's part of your life under a different light, someone you would have never thought could be your partner.

But you should know it's time to forget about your fears once and for all, the way you forget the past to be able to painlessly do the walk of life.

Money: No need to squeeze

This month marks the start of a new financial cycle for you, which has some stability and a tendence to prosperity.

That doesn't mean you should splash the cash, of course, but you won't have to hold back as much as you'd expect.

In any case, try not to go to the extreme; avoid being miserable for some things and splendidly generous for others.

Your friends and family will definitely meddle into your economy and the way you spend and manage your money, and even if they may be right, you won't want to listen to their advice, and this may cause fights, arguments or misunderstandings.

You may also experience some ups and downs with workmates, mainly because of their jealousy and envy, but your instinct will help you to scare away all bad influences around you.

Health: Energy restored

This month's star influence will be generally positive, because Jupiter and Mars will come together to give you renewed and restored energy.

Despite that happening, pay attention to your physical status, try to move and do some sport. You can't let your organs and joints rot away at will!

Be aware, Taureans, that the skies overlooking your sign will favour the development of intense mental power, and if you learn to control it, you'll be able to improve your nerves, and even that crippling anxiety you sometimes feel when you're about to have lunch or dinner.

In the same way, you should favour communication with people around you, because having an open mind will allow you to find new ways to think, you'll understand your close ones better, and, to sum it up, you'll be happier.