Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Prudence is essential for Taurus. Regardless of your current romantic relationship status, don’t believe anything you hear.

Good news is tainted by optimism and lacks a solid foundation. Someone you just met can’t promise you the moon with the intensity with which they’re currently doing it, there’s something hidden behind that gilded surface.

Don’t trust rumours regarding the bad news either, there’s a hidden agenda to change your heart and feelings. Envy is shooting past you like bullets, avoid getting shot.

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Today you’ll notice a series of changes in your finances that you’d been fighting to achieve for a long time, and which are finally tangible.

You’re finally finding the answers to questions you had regarding management, you’re overcoming your fears and have decided to improve the way you do things.

You don’t usually confess this, but there are some tasks that you’re not great at doing, but to avoid owning your mistake, you tend to blame others for your bad circumstances.

The Magic Horoscope promotes collaborations and partnerships, phone calls, and the most unexpected alliances. Someone you used to see as a rival might start working with you now.


You believe in the law of attraction and you’ll experience its strength this Sunday. You have faith when you attract all the goodness in the universe to you, to make you happy, and you radiate happiness in every gesture and every word.

Your mind is focused on success and abundance and you can boost all of this by lighting a green candle at home.

You’re in good health, although some might suffer a mild headache, or perhaps some discomfort in their mouth or teeth. It’s nothing serious though, don’t worry, Taurus.