You often avoid sharing your feelings and emotions with your partner for fear of causing an argument; you think it’s better to bottle things up than to open Pandora’s box. You choose resignation, although this doesn’t really do you any good.

Thinks about how you can lose your fear of social challenges; sometimes you're more scared by the idea of breaking up because you’d have to explain it to you children than by the idea of being single.

The Magic Horoscope invites you to be more honest with yourself, to accept your feelings and to say that which you don’t like. Take off the mask that lets you blend in, Taurus, the same that turns you into just another face in the crowd.

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Mercury forecasts an expense that you weren’t anticipating; you’ll suddenly find a great big gap in your finances that you’ll have to cover as soon as it appears. So today you can kiss part of your savings goodbye.

Don’t delay your payments, think of ways to make money quickly and tighten your belt if need be. You might look for a second job, for example, babysitting or dog walking.

At work, you have the virtue of infecting others with your joy and happiness. With your enthusiasm, you’ll manage to get a project that was stuck back on track.


You use your car more than you should. Try to leave it in the garage today, this way you’ll walk more, you’ll save money in petrol and you’ll even help make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place!

You can also consider cycling, which doesn’t pollute, and it helps tone your muscles making them look more beautiful.

Discard drinking sugary drinks; it’s a lot better to drink teas and infusions, sweetened with honey.