The Magic Horoscope sees little movement in your romantic sky, therefore changes (and feelings) will be limited. Everything will stay as it is for now.

Do you need change in your life? Then make an effort, especially if your relationship is going through a crisis. Prolonging the agony is no good. Try to discover whether your happiness is with that person, or if you’ll find new joy someplace else.

Your doubts, at present, won’t be cleared, Taurus, and you’ll ask yourself new questions that will only enhance your insecurities.

In your family (or your circle of friends) some people won’t take your honesty kindly. Weigh your words before criticising, even if you think it's constructive criticism. There are people who prefer a fake compliment than an ugly truth.

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You need to be more responsible, otherwise, your reputation will be tarnished. In this sense, it’s important for you to repay your debts quickly, especially if your friends were the ones who lent you the money.

You need to be especially careful if your debt comes from a not entirely lawful matter.

Some Taurus will feel very brave, so much so that they’ll take financial risks. Your goal is to improve your situation quickly, but you might lose your savings if you don't do things properly.

Loose lips sink ships. So keep any sensitive information or secrets you have to yourself. It’s not the right time to use them.


There's a great level of vitality and dynamism in your sky. Overcome your laziness and make the most of this flow to work out and get back in shape.

Adding more fibre to your diet is always convenient, especially if you’ve been eating too much. This way you’ll help your stomach feel fuller. Keep your iron will, the results will be worthwhile.