Your natal sky fills you with patience this Tuesday the 11th of February. Those natives who are currently single won’t be worried about finding someone to celebrate Valentine’s day with, which is just around the corner.

Those who are in a relationship will want to clarify some matters which appear to be shrouded in secrets and mystery; for your peace of mind, it will all be good news, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Some Taurus will even be willing to test themselves to prove to their partners that they’ll always be by their side and that they can trust them with their lives.

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Today you’ll wake up wanting to take a bite out of the world; your ferociousness and desire to climb to the top will even surprise you.

This desire to triumph will turn you into a perfectionist Taurus, you won’t taking it well when things don’t work out on the first attempt, and you might even be too rigid.

Some people close to you (colleagues, or even your family) will miss your spontaneity; your ability to adapt, which is dormant today, has been one of your biggest strengths in the past.


You’ve developed very good eating habits over the past few weeks, but gastronomic temptations are very strong today and you might throw in the towel.

You’ll tell yourself that nothing will happen if you skip the diet just once, and if you do this as a onetime exception, then you’re right. But only allow yourself one or two treats, don’t eat one of those historically acclaimed banquets of yours.

Look after your attire, Taurus: make sure it meets the needs for the activities you’re about to undertake. You might catch a cold if you don’t wear sensible clothing today.