You’re a bit short with those around you, especially when it’s for no apparent reason. You’re crossing dangerous boundaries, even being disrespectful to your partner (even if you won’t admit it)

It’s probably that you’re taking the stress from work home with you, you’re more often angry than happy and your replies can be out of line. Try not to mess up too much, to avoid pushing your loved ones away.

It’s important to accept your other half just the way they are, Taurus. Don’t try to change them to suit your fancy; you must love them for who they are and not for who they could potentially become.

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Try to bring your usual sense of humour into your job. Sometimes you like to play the ogre before your colleagues, perhaps so they’ll take you more seriously, or even so they’ll fear you.

Learn to take your colleagues’ jokes better; wherever you are, it’s always better to have friends rather than enemies.

You’ll be impatient with your finances; you won’t have the right attitude to create your budget in a fair and equitable way. Be honest, you could still tighten your belt even more. And don’t give in to whims, at least not today. Stand your ground.


The sky shows a certain carelessness in Taurus when it comes to your diet. Lack of time makes you fill your pantry with processed and ready meals more often than not, and this is not only more expensive but less healthy than cooking from scratch.

If you stop to listen to your body, you’ll hear it telling you to stop it. To go back to home cooking, especially if you change rice, bread and pasta for their wholemeal counterparts.