Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The week starts full of good vibes in all matters of the heart. You seek comfort, but spicy situations are also at the centre of your desire.

Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single, allow yourself to get carried away by this pleasant atmosphere, which frees you from insecurities and guilt. Nothing will bother you, you’ll make sure of it. We live only once!

Take better care of your family and value your siblings and other people that share your blood. You tend to underestimate them; you’re amazed by what other people do, but are incapable of seeing the talent in your relatives, Taurus.

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You’ll be ambitious this Monday, and you’ll be a good student to personal coaches and finance experts. Don’t hesitate to sign up for training to move faster towards your goals. This way you’ll know how to handle the emotions without getting overwhelmed.

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive proposals which are pure gold, it could be an unexpected project, or perhaps, the result of something you’ve been working on for many months now. Either way, your finances will improve.

It’s also a good time to request a raise at work; your managers will value your talent and will add a few zeros to your salary.


There can be toxic friendships around you, who try to drag you down the dark path in life.

Run away from those energetic vampires, because you have a lot to offer the world. Don’t let them take away that smile that brings so much beauty to your face.

Take better care of your throat, cover it with kerchiefs or scarves to keep it warm, and drink some tea with lemon and honey, which will get rid of any uncomfortable congestion.