Feelings cover every inch of your skin, you’re willing to make the most of love, and your partner will benefit from this attitude. You’ll show them how much you care about them, and you’ll apologize from the bottom of your heart for any mistakes you’ve made recently.

Your other half has also said things they regret, and both of you will understand that a truce is convenient and necessary.

There might be some division in your family over inheritances or debts that haven’t been paid back; they’ll ask you to take sides but, honestly, Taurus, you don’t know which one is the right one and you’ll remain neutral.

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The rainy-day fund you had is slowly disappearing, and you need to come up with something to stop the leak. It’s time to say no to some of your more expensive plans, such as holidays abroad with friends.

At work they’ll thank you for a task you performed successfully; in some cases, a colleague will repay the favour you’ve done for them tenfold.

While you're at it, try to also be a more grateful Taurus towards others, even if it’s by dropping them a few lines by email or text message.


You’re in good health; the universe is giving you a small respite from the belly aches that were tormenting you, and which might have been caused by anxiety.

Watch your diet as you’ve been doing until now and be careful with those products that you're allergic or intolerant to.

Make the most of your free time to do activities to exercise your muscles, even if it is just going out for a half an hour walk at a brisk pace. Or going up and down the stairs several times.