Taurus will have a strong maternal (or paternal) instinct today. You’ll focus on giving love to the little ones at home.

In some homes, you might even talk about enlarging the family, and in this sense, Venus will support you, turning you into one of the most fertile signs.

Dare to surprise your partner with a romantic evening, get their favourite wine and get to work on that new quest for a baby.

Since it's Sunday, you must make the most of this occasion to go to the cinema, or out for dinner or wherever you want to go, if you’re a single Taurus, you never know where you might find your other half. And don’t hesitate to don your best outfit and your nicest perfume.

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You need to awaken your creativity, which is a bit dormant. You have great potential to develop great ideas, but you need to feed your mind. This way you’ll grow professionally.

To avoid forgetting any of your ideas, carry a notepad around with you this Sunday and write down anything that goes through your head; phrases, drafts and drawings.

This way you’ll stimulate your brain, and when you’ve cooled down, you’ll be able to improve those ideas, or even incorporate them into ongoing projects.

Analyse your domestic finances, observe which are the situations that need more time and money and if you could sort them out some way.


Be careful with the new health-related trends, which help you lose a tonne of weight in no time, or to gain muscle mass overnight. If what they promise seems surreal, then there's probably a catch.

Do you want to exercise a little? It will do you a world of good to get some fresh air. If you live near the sea, the best choice will be going for a run along the shore, you could even do it barefoot.