Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The envy of some wolves in sheep’s clothing could damage your relationship. Lucky for you, the Magic Horoscope is warning you not to trust any nasty things you might hear today, as there’ll be more lies than truth to them.

You won’t be able to move forward in life if you get stuck in the details and listen to every rumour and every whisper. Let things flow, as in the end the masks will end up falling off by themselves.

If you’re single, you’ll realise one of your friendships could well become an epic romance. Are you willing to bet your heart on it, Taurus?

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Think of your time as a chest full of money. You wouldn’t waste your treasure, and likewise, you shouldn’t waste your time on tasks that aren’t worth it.

The stars are giving you signs that you should become more organized and methodical, and with some luck you might even finish your daily tasks early.

You simply can’t allow your job to take over every aspect of your life; your partner, children and friends need your love and support. Turn off your mobile phone once in a while, find that motivation that you tend to forget about and try to be happier.

When it comes to money, you might have a surprise linked to luck and fortune. Have you checked the last lottery tickets you bought?


With the Sun and Mercury influencing your health you should feel well, Taurus. However, you should still try to take better care of yourself than usual, avoiding that which affects your morale and which ultimately also affects your body.

Burning some incense at home will help you get rid of your darkest thoughts. If you feel like you don’t have any energy, seek the company of cheerful and dynamic people, they’ll help you get through this rough patch.