You’ve come from a season where the feeling of emotional stability overwhelmed you; pretty much all of your matters of the heart developed just as they should, although today you’ll see that some edges are particularly sharp.

In some homes, some plans you have as a couple will cause arguments between you and your other half, because you’ll have completely opposite points of view. You’re much more spontaneous, while the other person needs to have every single detail carefully.

To avoid feelings getting unnecessarily hurt, give in, Taurus; this way you’ll manage to put out the flames, rather than adding fuel to the fire.

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You have great negotiating skills, and you boast of the freedom you enjoy. You don’t have many eyes on you closely following your movements, and this allows you to be more relaxed.

The stars are positioned in the best way in your professional sky, and you’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to, so dream big this Thursday!

You’ll be able to cast aside your fear of making mistakes if you're starting at a new job; little by little you’ll have the feeling of having been doing this all your life.


You strive to have a healthier diet; you know that a healthier body also means a healthier and more relaxed mind. With a little effort, you can harmonize your mind and you’ll manage to make more and more progress.

Be careful, however, with some friendships who might become preachers of some strange practices which promise to sort out your health, which lack any sort of scientific basis.

To do things well, you need only listen to your endocrinologist. Don’t think that taking new pills will make you lose weight or that all your aches will disappear.