Due to Valentine’s day, many Taurus will be surprised by a phone call or message from an old flame (who hurt you more than they know). Fortunately, they can no longer break your heart, because when you look at them you feel nothing.

Plus, life has shown you that vengeance is fruitless and that seducing them to then pay them back in kind doesn’t bring anything positive to your life. Causing harm is a short-lived pleasure.

You’ll be in sync with your partner, Taurus; you’ll show them that they’re a key part of your daily life and you’ll manage to have them forgive you if you recently offended them.

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You have some luck this Friday of February; you’ll manage to find a valuable item you thought you’d lost (jewellery or a phone). Or perhaps you’ll find an envelope at home with some money you’d saved and which you’d misplaced.

If you want to have a nice Valentine’s day gesture towards your partner, go for it! But there’s no need to go all out, least of all if you’re not swimming in gold.

The stars will help you find that item which holds more sentimental value than monetary one, it will be a great success!


Your energy isn’t too shabby today, but you might feel overwhelmed by your duties and responsibilities, especially at work.

You’ll have to accept your own limitations and leave some things for another day, or delegate to colleagues or relatives that which you can't take on; this way you’ll get better results, Taurus.

Those who suffer from backaches should do whatever they can to stimulate their circulation (such as going for a half an hour walk at a brisk pace if you’ve been sitting for too long), as well as trying to rest well.