You have a problem, even if you don’t see it that way. You’re enjoying solitude too much, not having anyone by your side by choice, because you keep others at a distance, even those who wish you well.

You need to be careful with how you manage this feeling, especially because you might damage some old friendships, or even take your relationship, which is already struggling or which is lived at a distance, to the very edge of the cliff.

Don’t obsess over the obstacles in your way, Taurus, because no one’s life is a walk in the park, even if they like to pretend it is.

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Today is a day where you’re very assertive and can achieve great things with limited resources. A home appliance might break at home, but rather than calling out an engineer or buying a new one, you’ll dare fix it yourself.

With some patience, and with online tutorials, almost nothing is impossible for you!

At work, you’ll be in a great mood, and you won’t fall into the traps laid by the most envious or grumpiest of your colleagues. You’ll know to focus on what you need to and you’ll ignore any noises or disturbances around you.


You've known excess isn’t good all your life. However, you’re rather weak when it comes to gastronomic temptations, and you might eat a banquet that will leave you with a tummy ache (or tipsy if you've drunk too much).

If you control your impulse and don’t eat with your eyes, all will be well.

Watch where you’re going, literally, to avoid falls and slips. Especially if you live in a rainy area, as slippery surfaces can be very tricky!