Taurus Horoscope Saturday
Your Taurus Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope


You feel lost, although perhaps the adjective bored better applies to your situation. You ask yourself many questions, you don’t know if what you have in your hands is true happiness or a substitute. If you need emotional intelligence to deal with matters of the heart, you can alternate light episodes with some darker ones.

Technically nothing has changed around you, but you feel strange. You don’t recognize yourself, or the person you love. Something has evolved and you’ve fallen behind.

Take your time to analyse the reason behind this existential crisis, Taurus. Dive within you and retrieve the things that used to motivate you, and which now seem insignificant. Find what’s wrong with your engine so you can keep moving forward.



When it comes to money, you’ll also be distracted, Taurus. You’re afraid of the future, as you don’t fully understand what the world expects of you, or what you can expect of them.

Rather than licking your wounds do something, because otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and energy. Use every minute to give the best of yourself, be more professional, and don’t compromise your honour, regardless of how many temptations are placed before you.

Think that your time is money, and you wouldn’t waste the latter on goods or services which offer nothing for you. If you must, restructure your expectations and plan a new, more motivating life project.


You wanted a brilliant weekend, but the reality is that this Saturday 14th of March has more grey tones than rose ones. It will be one of those days where you can’t wait to go to bed and cross your fingers hoping tomorrow will be better.

Don’t forget that human happiness is a state of mind and that your circumstances have very little to do with it. The key to happiness is in your heart.