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You’re waiting for your beloved to change overnight so that everything can be sorted between you, but you’re not seeing the evolution in their behaviour.

You’re filled with doubt. You know that you need to give it more time for the changes to become apparent, but impatience is taking over you. The only solution is talking openly and honestly, Taurus.

If you’re single, and without any suitors, you’ll have great inner peace. Positive influences give you the strength and courage you need to carry on down the path of happiness, while boosting your more likable and sexy side.

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At work, you’ll be inspirational for someone younger who’s at a bit of a loss. Your attitude will help them find their way and your advice will be like a lighthouse guiding their ship to safety. Plus, you’ll notice they remind you of your younger self in several different ways.

You’ll have a great idea about new ways of saving money. By cutting down on small expenses, such as having coffee at the bar every morning, you’ll be able to create a rainy day fun in no time. You’ll also be able to save as much as you spend, you’ll be astonished!


Your life, Taurus, is moving quite fast, and you’ll have to keep up by any means possible. There’s no point trying to stop the universe, you’ll have to be the one who has to sprint to keep up! Be efficient and well-organized, and you won’t have any problems.

Avoid wasting your energy by trying to impose your point of view on others. It’s a lot more convenient to be flexible.

You’ll be sensitive to abrupt changes in temperature. Be careful with places where the heating or the air con is on full blast, afterwards you’ll have a nasty surprise.