This is a great time for you, and you’ll make the most of the astral impulses to mitigate your lack of initiative in your love life. You often hold yourself back, telling yourself that it’s better to hold back your feelings.

If you’re single, you’ll be in a posture where you’ll struggle to take the leap when you like someone; your analytical thinking makes you see everything from different points of view, and in the end, cowardice ends up winning.

This Saturday you’ll know how to take a step forward, Taurus. You’ll be braver and you’ll show the person that makes you sigh all the good in you and everything that’s happening in your heart.

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Work has your head filled with worry; you usually execute your tasks without issues, but sometimes you tr to help your colleagues execute theirs and then become obfuscated.

This Saturday, try to focus only on your tasks; the day will be hectic and you can make certain mistakes caused by distraction. Keep your feet on the ground!

If you have free time, Taurus, tidy up your house and belonging a bit; you might find a jewel or a supplement of great value (either monetary or sentimental) which you had misplaced.


Your relationship with your loved ones will be warm and you’ll feel great with yourself. You’ll want to share your love for life with your nearest and dearest.

To get rid of the stress built up throughout the week, nothing will be more healing than taking deep breaths of fresh air, away from your usual surroundings. Look for a beautiful natural setting, where there’s no noise or pollution.

You’ll cast aside the impatience that takes you around life with your foot on the accelerator and you’ll be able to find your authentic self once more, Taurus.