Taurus Horoscope Sunday
Your Taurus Horoscope for Sunday | Magic Horoscope


You know how to make peace flow at home; you’ve had some mishaps and you’ve needed the stars to show you the right path, and you’re finally on it!

You’ll know how to counteract schedule differences between your partner and you, and you’ll achieve equality in the way household chores and other joint responsibilities are distributed.  A few days ago, you might have seemed to be worlds apart, but now you dance to the beat of the same drum.

Make the most of being single to decide what you could change of yourself to improve all your life from now on, with the truth as your flag, Taurus.



Many finance-related activities will be especially favoured this 15th of March, including commerce and trips. If you're closing some transactions out of your comfort zone, you’ll feel especially fortunate.

On the other hand, observe the state of your bank accounts and check how many fixed expenses you have every month. You might have more hired services than you need.

Improve your savings by cancelling the subscription to cable TV, or the gym, if you never go there (because you keep making excuses not to go).

If you spend some of your time this Sunday surfing the web, be careful with online purchases on non-secure pages; there are many that who look like authorized portals only to then give you unpleasant surprises (especially things such as tickets to concerts).


You’re not sure of your last medical treatment, you think you’ve been prescribed things that aren’t working for you. In some cases, they might even make things worse.

Your doctor is only human, and they might have made a mistake with your diagnosis; so, you should seek a second opinion.

Be lenient with your rest, get up a bit later than usual, if your body is asking for it, go to bed early. The week will be full of challenges.