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Your need for independence clashes with the limitations that come with being in a relationship, as you can’t just do as you please without having to answer to anyone. You compare your love to that of others, but each one writes their book of love however they can and however they know how. No two relationships are alike, and for this reason you need to stop comparing yours to others.

The bravest of Taurus will express their need for freedom out loud; take into account that if you do this, your partner might give you a one-way ticket to freedom, and that’s not what you want.

If you’re single, you’ll feel helpless while watching the story you were banking on vanish, but don’t worry, there’ll be new loves for you in the future. What you had right now was frivolous and superficial, Taurus.

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You’ll get an interesting offer which is in line with your current expectations. The stars push you to make some financial sacrifices, but only for a specific period of time. Think about it a bit and you’ll realize it’s really worth it.

You’ll still have to explain your decision; the best way to do it is by organizing a family meeting during this weekend.

Others will make the most of their days off to catch up on their studies. All of your hard work will be worthwhile. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Save your energies for the weekend and have a quiet Friday. Choose a light exercise, and warm up well to avoid potential injuries.

Unfortunately, the stars won’t be too kind to your health. Relapses will be on the menu for today, so you’ll have to double your efforts to have a day of peace and quiet.