You need to step out of your comfort zone; in your love life, you're so afraid of getting hurt that you numb your true feelings, hoping to avoid pain.

You need to go through life with a firm step and look on the bright side of things. For happiness to exist, there must also be room for grief, all good things have a counterpart. If you shield your soul you won’t experience grief, but you won’t experience happiness either. Think about it with a clear head.

In your relationship you need to be more daring, create whatever magic you can to live new experiences together, whether it’s while doing hobbies, partying... Or even in the bedroom, Taurus, there are still things to try!

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To generate new opportunities to find a new job (or a better one) you need to be always alert, keeping an eye out for novelties. The job market advances very fast and if you stop moving you become obsolete!

Today you’ll experience great moments if you work in the area of mental health, speech therapy or psychology. Some will have the choice to join a very interesting and innovative project, but it will only be temporary.

Analyse your accounts and, if everything is going according to plan, you can treat yourself, your partner or your children to some whims. As a one-time thing, of course.


Perhaps this Thursday of January won’t be the best, but at least the stars put you in high spirits. So, any worries will be more bearable at least.

Have you been suffering different health ailments lately? The Magic Horoscope asks you to not get upset because things will soon improve. Don’t lose your patience!

If you feel bloated, perhaps you’re suffering from water retention; get into the habit of drinking a diuretic infusion every day.