Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The influence of an astral triad in your sky promises a very favourable phase in your love life. You need independence and to achieve it you might tell some small lies; don’t keep feeding them or they’ll snowball into huge misunderstandings. You shouldn’t take it too far.

The single Taurus will have the best Saturday, as your love life won’t be at the forefront of your worries. Plus, you’ll be surprised when you realize you’ve fallen head over heels at first sight, so much so that you’ll imagine having children and growing old with that special person.

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At work you’ll have a nasty surprise. A condecoration or promotion that you were expecting will be given to someone else. You’ll evaluate if your efforts were worthwhile, or if you should throw in the towel. Without a doubt, the correct answer is the former! But you might have to redouble your efforts.

The goddess Venus especially promotes the talent of those Taurus who work in the arts, such as painters, musicians, performers, writers, sculptors… Pay attention to your inspiration, the muses will visit you and will fill you with creativity! Make the most of all the great ideas that cross your mind.


This weekend your situation is healthy, plus you’ll avoid unnecessary risks, turning down plans that aren’t suitable for your physical condition. This way, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

If you’ve been on edge lately, then it’s time to become more spiritual and reasonable. Practicing meditation and other similar techniques will allow you to connect with your inner essence.

Make the most of your impulses and forgive yourself for your past mistakes which still weigh heavily on your mind.