Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You act with an innate impulse in your love life, everything seems too simple. However, you should move firmly but reflectively, this seems to be the right recipe to bring you close to the person for whom your heartbeats.

You don’t moderate your pretentions, but your partner (or future partner, if you’re only just getting to know each other) appreciates your commitment. Today your kisses will taste better than ever, and they will ask for more and more, Taurus.

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The Magic Horoscope draws a particularly positive Monday for financial negotiations, luck is on your side and it protects you from people with questionable morals.

This is the perfect moment to open a savings account or join a pension scheme, as well as to invest in a very judicious way. You can also negotiate new terms for your mortgage.

Are you going through a rough financial period? Then tread very carefully. Don’t trust loan sharks, and if you’re going to speak to them, go over the terms very carefully, as they’re usually quite unfavourable.

If you have a steady job, the time approaches to show your worth and to prove you deserve a raise or a promotion to a higher position.


You’re making great progress towards a health-related goal. Keep up the good work and don’t go backwards, not even to gather momentum, Taurus.

For your weight to be within the correct values you need to have a healthy, balanced diet that’s also low in sodium. If you add too much salt to your dishes you’re more likely to retain fluids, and therefore, weigh more.

To counteract this you could also eat diuretic foods such as pineapple, or drink infusions such as horsetail (but only drink it in moderation, mind).