This first Sunday of February can be a great day to find a partner if you want one! Bring out your best side, embrace your fun-loving side and keep an eye out for signs.

Venus propitiates love in every detail and around every corner; some will fall head over heels for a very intelligent person who enjoys challenging you intellectually or making you exercise your mind (and feelings).

Within relationships, there’ll be pleasant talks, and you’ll learn, Taurus, to own some of your most recent mistakes. You can always give a little bit more of yourself, to make things go well.

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You’ll finish this week in good shape financially; you’ve made some efforts which haven’t been in vain. You can spend the day reaping the fruits of your labour, rather than sowing new seeds.

Make good use of the profits you reap; some Taurus will be overzealous and will invest it into a project they haven’t told anyone about, perhaps an aesthetic touch up, or a business project you're enthused about and which you prefer, for the time being, to keep to yourself.

You’ll emanate trust for those around you and you’ll surprise yourself by giving in on domestic budget issues.


Use this 2nd of February to disconnect a bit more from the world in general, especially from your work.

Have you been left home alone? Rather than lying down on the couch, try to meditate. If you don’t have much experience, look up online tutorials, there’s plenty of options available.

If you prefer, fill up the bathtub and add some rose petals and bath salts. It will help you relax, as well as awaken some of your senses which were currently dormant.