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The atmosphere is conducive to get to know yourself better, to be self-critical, to analyze what you’re doing well and foster it, and what you’re doing wrong, and fix it.

Perhaps you’re looking for the reason you’re single, this kind of introspection is good to discover your real emotional state. In the long run, you’ll increase your charisma and your common sense will govern your actions.

There could be some emotional doubt on the horizon for this 2nd of November; you’ll think about whether you’re truly happy in your relationship, or whether you’d be better off taking a break. Old quarrels will reignite, and tender words don’t seem to be enough to fix it.

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Your creativity is paving the way to your success. You’re very clever and you appreciate the advice of those around you, especially if they’re older and more experienced than you.

You’ll have a somewhat extreme preference for luxury and beauty, you’ll search for them relentlessly, and you’ll be very mindful that any step back will only bring mediocrity into your life, vulgarity even. But think about what your accounts will look like after embracing such an expensive lifestyle.

Are you starting a new job? It’s always good to analyse the attitude of each one of your colleagues to ensure a good integration full of flexibility, Taurus.


There’s so much going around you, that you risk wasting your energy. Look for calm, listen to your body.

With the arrival of the weekend, it’s normal that you want to go partying with your partner or friends, but don’t wear yourself out with impossible schedules, as the alarm will go off at the same time as ever on Monday, to remind you that you have to go to work.

Careful with noise pollution, whether it's works being carried out near your home, or because you like to listen to loud music on your headphones. Take better care of your auditive health, which you tend to forget about.