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The time has come to get out in the open everything you’ve been hiding in your love life. Introduce your new partner to your family if you’ve been living a secret romance, your parents, siblings, children, they will all understand that you deserve to be happy and that you have a right to live your life openly.

The Magic Horoscope also foresees a good time to confess to your partner that you’ve slipped up and that it’s keeping you up at night, Taurus. The consequences won’t be positive, but you’ll get the weight off your chest.

Are you single? Then take the chance to knock on the door of the person you like and tell them that you want to share your life with them. Allow your heart to express itself. Be free.

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The most benign stars illuminate your sky, and draw a festive configuration from a material point of view. Your interests are looked after and, in fact, great success is promised for financial transactions carried out on this 21st of November.

You’re on the right path, and this causes envy around you. On that note, you’ll have to politely ask some enemies to get out of your way and to mind their own business.

Many will face a hiccup at work which will leave little room for leisure and free time, but you’ll solve any problems; you’ll even take some pleasure in solving them.


You’ll want to spend your free time (however much you have) on tasks linked to gardening; you’ll try to adorn your home with plants and flowers, which will also help you purify the air.

You’ll also enjoy cooking, inventing new dishes to delight your loved ones during your next get together. Try to keep those stews low cal, without renouncing the flavour, it can be done!