Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


For most Taurus who are married or in a relationship, the Magic Horoscope provides pleasant relationships, based most of all on faithfulness and the free exchange of opinions.

Generally speaking, the atmosphere will be calm, and even more enjoyable if your relationship has just come out of a rough patch, of if you have to jump through hoops to find the time to see each other.

If you’re single, don’t spend your money on going on a date you’re not thrilled about; the other person won’t be as romantic or as fun as you’d like, so don’t waste your money. The end of the week will be boring, Taurus.

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Your most conservative side comes out in your finances. You like safety and no one will be able to make you take unnecessary risks, you think they’re ridiculous and inappropriate.

You escape snobbism as fast as you can, and social games and the fight of the classes can leave you exhausted. You want simplicity and transparency. You don’t need grandiose speeches regarding financial gain, you need solid proof.

In moderation, getting rid of some of your fears and doubts and seeking a more objective view of reality wouldn’t go amiss, your situation isn’t as bad as you thought, nor as good as you’d have others believe, Taurus.


You might feel a bit misanthropic, but in reality, no one will have more empathy than Taurus today.

Your open-mindedness helps you accept people just the way they are, you know how to give good advice without judging other people’s behaviour (however controversial) and you’ll speak clearly, even when you think you’re being very severe.

It’s a shame you don’t practice what you preach! Own your mistakes, fix them and get to the root of what’s going wrong in your life, and what you must change once and for all.