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Someone around you is waiting for some affectionate and loving words from you. If you say them, they’ll have magical and healing power. You shouldn’t only think of your other half when we talk about love, but also of your friends, relatives, or even that neighbour you like and only see in the lift.

This 27th of November your kindness and availability will increase. Make the most of any opportunity to bury the hatchet if there have been issues at home. Don’t pay attention to external bad influences, if you don’t let them throw you off, you’ll be able to carry on with a very positive level of energy, Taurus.

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Your mental fortitude makes you feel a lot better about financial matters; you see the glass half full, but this doesn’t mean you won’t see it half empty tomorrow.

It’s a good time to sort your projects and priorities in life. Your ability to make connections and your business sense will be your best assets, and you’ll even keep an ace up your sleeve just in case things get tricky.

If you’re working on several different businesses, perhaps it’s time to let go of a couple, sell your shares and add that money to your rainy day fund.


You’re self-confident, Taurus, and you redouble your efforts to stay in shape and keep active; your latest activities are paying off, those around you will compliment you on your progress, your evolution, keep up the good work.

This Wednesday you might feel challenged to give more of yourself in the area of your wellbeing; some might advise that you make a decision once and for all, and stick to it. Perhaps you’re self-sabotaging, but you do have to make up your mind.