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You’re unapproachable; have you shielded your heart behind thick walls? The stars indicate that, surely, your heart is a bit harder, and not even your partner’s flame can soften it. You need to express yourself, but you can’t seem to put emotions into words. You’ll have to overcome this, it’s the only way you’ll feel better.

If you’re single, you’ll be in a good mood, plus, your friends will appreciate you for being peaceful and agreeable. However, they don’t recognize you fully. They know something’s not right with you, but they’re afraid to ask, because you tend to be quite reserved with your personal issues.

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You don’t want to join risky financial projects, of the kind that people talk about as if they were pretty much a sure thing. If you need to take a step back, do it without guilt. No one can force you to invest in something you don’t want to.

You finish the week feeling a bit distrustful: you need time to find some evidence of success before investing your savings. You will also distrust some new connections you make, who you think are overexaggerating their qualifications to make themselves look good.

If you’re resting today, you’ll be home in a great mood, but you’ll be thinking about organizing everything for the next week as well, Taurus.


Do whatever you think is best for your health. Other people’s opinions will come thick and fast, giving you unwanted advice on what you should eat and what you should avoid, what doctors you should visit and what sports are best for your level of training and age.

Tell everyone to leave you alone if they too annoying, and follow your gut! Your common sense will show you the best ways to achieve an inspiring future. You will be especially good at managing your stress and anxiety, you’ll rest really well!