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You need to strengthen your family and friendship bonds. The situation will be conducive to approach whomever you want, regardless of how much distance you feel there is between you.

Don’t wrack your brain over trivialities: fix the things you don’t like, it’s as simple as that. Overcome your shyness, if your problem is that you can’t bring yourself to declare your love for that one person you hold a candle for.

You should make the most of the current positive aspects to relax with your partner. Do you have the courage to take the day off work and enjoy a fleeting honeymoon?

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Taurus is likely to undergo intellectual development in this first Tuesday of November. You’ll have a great desire to debate with people who share your same interests but who have opposite, or at least different, points of view.

These debates will be interesting, and you’ll appreciate the exchange of ideas. You know how to enrich your mind through other people’s perspectives. Mercury encourages you to dominate the arguments, but try to preserve the balance of power. You don’t have to stand out by any means possible.

If one of your business partners didn’t appear to be completely transparent over the past couple of days, today you might uncover evidence which proves you’re right, and which will cause you to rebel against them. You have the right tools to take of the masks they use to hide their darkest intentions.


A series of strange ideas are running through your head, and even if you don’t manifest them, they might worry those around you, who know your impulsive side very well.

You have to prioritize your worries, as you tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. However, when faced with much more serious problems you’re assertive, and you don’t hesitate when making decisions or performing complex tasks.

You need to learn to deal with your inner demons better; it would also be good to seek the help of a psychologist or a personal coach to put your thoughts in order, Taurus.