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The Magic Horoscope is unkind to you this Wednesday. Or perhaps it’s being secretly kind, helping you unveil information and facts you didn’t know before, and which can profoundly change your perception of your partner, or of a very dear relative.

There’s some shady business which can make you put an end to the relationship halfway through the chapter you hoped was going to be much longer.

Don’t let this bring you down or make you lose faith in love. In fact, you might even be able to understand what happened and forgive past offences.

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Be clever enough to not assume anything in terms of business; someone you’re carrying out a deal with (it could be a client or a provider) is hiding valuable information from you, and if you don’t clarify things, you’ll end up drawing the short straw.

Don’t let anyone rip you off, take the mask off of those who don’t deserve your attention. Be assertive.

You’ll want to undertake big expenses to improve the comfort of your home, something to make your home a cosier place. Analyze what you could do by yourself, because it will be much cheaper than hiring a contractor.

A zen touch to your room wouldn’t go amiss, to get rid of the bad energies, Taurus.


You’ll have great ideas to change the things you don’t like about your body. But before you start, ask yourself one thing. Are you doing this for yourself, Taurus, or are you seeking other people’s approval? Do things because you want to do them, forever and always.

Your energy is on the schedule for this 6th of November, but don’t push it too far, or it might end up vanishing.

Remember the importance of stretching before a high-intensity workout. You wouldn’t want to end up in hospital with an injury, right?