Taurus horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The Magic Horoscope will put your relationship under its protective umbrella. This Saturday the 7th of December you’ll be able to peacefully enjoy all the sweetness of your home.

All will be well in your relationship: you’ll enjoy what you have, whether it’s binge-watching series from the couch, snuggling together, or a candlelight dinner in a romantic restaurant, or partying like there’s no tomorrow.

If you’re single, you’ll go through a series of loves at first sight. Today you’ll like pretty much everybody, whether they’re your type, physically or personality-wise, or not. You’ll silence your reason and you’ll let your heart and feelings speak, Taurus.

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Jupiter’s position in your financial area makes you pay attention to stimuli; you’ll read between the lines and spot the potential needs you could cover professionally, to generate more profit.

Some will have a surprise, you’ll receive an unexpected sum of money (it could be a friend settling a past debt, which you thought they’d never do). The source is irrelevant, it will be very welcome, without a doubt.

Your professional life will be stimulating enough this weekend, and if you have to work you’ll do it with enthusiasm as if it were your first day.

With the Magic Horoscope’s support, you can move towards your projects, analyzing every available option and how they could impact your immediate future.


The sky indicates the cold will bring good health benefits for you. A cold shower will help you be more focused before work and will stimulate your blood circulation.

Other, less fortunate, Tauru, will end up with a cold pack on their leg after a fall or injury (nothing serious, though).