In your relationship, there are some problems that are recurrent; nothing new under the sun. However, the Magic Horoscope tells you to control your nerves and even your anger, because some small arguments might end up bringing out the worst in you.

Has your partner done something you don’t like? Either you forgive them, or you start from scratch somewhere else, but taking revenge for what happened isn’t the healthiest option.

If you're a single Taurus, you’ll know how to use social media and dating sites to find someone to have a nice date with this Saturday. Our only advice is, be careful with your intimacy and don’t expose yourself too much online.

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Your professional profile is valued in your company, but it could also be valued by the competitors. It wouldn’t be surprising if you received an interesting offer in this sense today (as well as others which aren’t even worth considering).

Keep your feet on the ground however much they praise your professional profile; you want recognition, and there will be many smoke sellers who will be willing to say anything you want to hear, even if it’s a lie.

Sticking to your budget isn’t going too bad; you manage to do what you’d set out to do, and you’ll even be able to save a little.


This Saturday 8th of February is great for all those Taurus who need to find their inner balance; we’ve already pointed out that you might snap in your love life, and there’s no need to be like that.

Thanks to the protection of the stars, you’ll know how to avoid excess; there are strong temptations out there which you would give into in a heartbeat, but which would be terrible for your wellbeing. After circling you a few times, the snake will go back to whence it came from.