In this sign’s sky hedonists have the advantage. Cast your guilt aside and bring out all the aspects of you which were dormant until now. Nothing wrong with enjoying life!

Those who are already in a relationship (regardless of how long you've been together) will see your lives from a different point of view. You’ll have a feeling that you're missing out on some things, and you’ll want to tick them off your bucket list. Your partner will support you and will keep up with you in everything.

If you're a single Taurus, there’ll be a strong desire for love at first sight. However, you’ll play the field a lot.

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Jupiter’s influence in your financial area is quite interesting this Wednesday. This planet is linked to luck, success and financial prosperity.

Thus, Jupiter can give you good vibes today if you have a job interview, or if you have to sit an exam. On the other hand, it will help you balance out your budget.

The Magic Horoscope invites you to try and lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and to recycle. Learn to give new life to those clothes you no longer wear or start cultivating your own fruit and veg at a community plot.


Energy and optimism won’t leave you when you’re about to reach the middle of the week. Good vibes are partly renewed, and you’ll be able to face some matters which you’d been postponing.

Your personal rhythm will show you that at times you rush through life too much and you don’t pay enough attention to the details. While you’re at it, pay more attention to potential accidents at home.