Your Magic Taurus Prediction | Magic Horoscope


You should abandon any hope of being authoritative right now. Your partner doesn’t like to be pushed around, and your family won’t support you if you become a dictator.

The environment around you is tense, and you need to try and let peace reign, or you might get a mutiny that will topple your whole world through the next weekend and even further down the line.

The Magic Horoscope reveals that if you cause a mutiny in love, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. You’ve been warned, Taurus.

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You have a feeling your colleagues don’t understand you. You don’t know to what point you’re not conveying your ideas properly, as some of them are truly great, and to what extent they’re the problem, as they boost lack of understanding.

If this is the case, focus on yourself, your wishes and ambitions, which will lead you to success.

Your distrust leads you to hide money in weird places at home; it’s so well hidden that you can’t even remember where you’ve put your savings. This Friday, you might have a pleasant surprise when you bump into a sum that you thought you had lost for good.


No one will envy your position this Friday, where the problems in your love life and at work are making your head explode.

However, you have the protection of Venus, that will keep up your energy levels at all times, and even invites you to be more active than usual.

You’ll be especially great at a couple or team sports, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Anyone who teams up with you will be closer to victory.