All of your love matters are in order b the end of the week, at least initially. What’s more, the Magic Horoscope favours you: you’ll be in great spirits and i will be a day where you’ll make your partner very happy with little effort.

Use today to make a fair division of domestic tasks: they’re as much their duties as they are yours. Both of you need to pull your weight in equal measure.

In your sky, Taurus, there is also an old love (which vanished from your side overnight without giving a decent explanation) who might come back to ask for a second chance to be in your life.

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This Sunday you’ll be able to make the most of your connections, so long as your more charismatic and cheeky side is allowed to blossom. Showcase all of your social tools; politeness is one of the biggest keys to success today.

Are there any aspects of your professional life that you’d like to change? Today’s not the day for it; it’s best to just leave things as they are. Try to highlight your virtues and slightly cover your defects or weaknesses.

You’ll be very easy to trick with offers and gifts; think over your purchases very well, as you might be paying a pretty penny for that item which is supposed to be a gift.


Water will be very beneficial for Taurus; if you have a chance, fill up your bathtub with hot water and add some flower petals, and then soak in it. Let your problems come out and, once you pull the plug, let them go down the drain.

Afterwards, alternate cold and hot water in your shower, as it will be great to boost your circulation. Plus, it helps joints recover (for example, if you’ve done high-intensity training).