You’re very open to external stimuli. You like to be surprised by the world this Thursday, while keeping your heart safe, of course. You want to bank on your feelings and win, but you don’t do it because your fear holds you back.

Any long-standing romantic relationships will be even stronger. You’ll understand each other better and you’ll make each other feel good, almost without needing to talk. Non-verbal communication will be magical and charming.

Everything will go swimmingly for the single Taurus; this story you're banking on seems promising, and you’ll want to keep moving forward.

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Many Taurus will have to make very important decisions, which will determine your professional path.

This will naturally affect those who are still studying, as you’ll weigh your professional prospects against your true vocation; there’s many who are studying a career they don’t love.

At work, many will check with their partner or family whether they could quit their current job to start their own entrepreneurial adventure. Thinking carefully and combining caution with boldness is advisable for everyone.


The area of your health is quite steady, generally speaking. Mercury will help you manage your energy wisely and you’ll make the right decisions to balance your mind and body.

This planet will also invite you to have more self-discipline and be more regular in your health habits. Has January only just started, and you’ve already forgotten some of your goals for this new year?

Don’t worry, leading a less hectic life won’t be so hard for you, and you’ll be able to sleep regularly and for as long as your body needs.