Your Magic Taurus Prediction | Magic Horoscope


Some things require a lot more effort than others, especially when it comes to love. The Magic Horoscope makes you hasten in your love life, and you might adopt a position that makes your home life uncomfortable.

Don’t be embarrassed to take a step back to rectify your mistakes. Venus will give you some hints on what you have to do, do what really motivates you and propose things to break the routine.

When you know your limitations and weaknesses, the universe’s answers will come naturally,  Taurus.

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Mercury, the god of commerce, teaches you to be a better coworker and an excellent student to those who have more knowledge and experience than you. Remember that you have to learn to walk before you can run.

A solid professional relationship is built over time; if you’re starting a new business adventure, don’t place all your trust in your partners, as you don’t know how much they can actually get involved in the project.

If you improvise when it comes to your finances, you might not see the results straight away. Identify what you really need and what expenses are superficial and can be easily cut back. This Saturday the moon will have a nasty habit to try and organize everything, leaving little room for fantasy.


A getaway with your family or friends will be welcome to help many Taurus snap out of the sadness that has taken over them. Don’t hesitate to say yes to your loved ones’ invitations.

You’ll prefer low-key plans which are good for your wellbeing, such as going to the thermal baths and spas, rather than partying and going to gigs, but don’t stay at home, whatever you do!